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Winter is almost here

Winter is almost here

As the temperature continues to slowly drop, winter is clearly around the corner. As the seasons change so too does the flower availability. As we get ready to say goodbye to the beautiful dahlias and David Austin roses, amongst others, we say hello to some gorgeous other winter blooms.


Standard tulips

Frilled tulips

Double peony

Parrot tulips

Despite tulips having been available for a little while now, they are really hitting the ground running, colours are wide and varied, from single to bicolour, edged colours and standard, frilled and even double, they really pack a punch. I LOVE THEM!


Yes you see right! Bouquets featuring ornamental kale are so unique! The texture and varied colours of the kale are really striking. Whilst this is definitely not something that is for everyone, they do have their place in wedding flowers for the right person. Mixed with other blooms, the texture that they add to an arrangement is unique!!


A gorgeous winter flower available in shades of pink, white and red, this flower add a soft feathery texture to a bouquet. This is a more expensive bloom, but it really is gorgeous!

Despite winter being the least abundant with blooms, there are still oodles of possibilities, and best of all spring is just around the corner!

Till next time!
Stacey ☺