Winter is almost here…….

As the temperature continues to slowly drop, winter is clearly around the corner. As the seasons change so too does the flower availability. As we get ready to say goodbye to the beautiful dahlias and David Austin roses, amongst others, we say hello to some gorgeous other winter blooms.



Standard tulips


Frilled tulips


Double peony


Parrot tulips

Despite tulips having been available for a little while now, they are really hitting the ground running, colours are wide and varied, from single to bicolour, edged colours and standard, frilled and even double, they really pack a punch. I LOVE THEM!



Yes you see right! Bouquets featuring ornamental kale are so unique! The texture and varied colours of the kale are really striking. Whilst this is definitely not something that is for everyone, they do have their place in wedding flowers for the right person. Mixed with other blooms, the texture that they add to an arrangement is unique!!



A gorgeous winter flower available in shades of pink, white and red, this flower add a soft feathery texture to a bouquet. This is a more expensive bloom, but it really is gorgeous!

Despite winter being the least abundant with blooms, there are still oodles of possibilities, and best of all spring is just around the corner!

Till next time!
Stacey ☺

‘The Wanderers’ for The Bride’s Tree

When we got the call from The Bride’s Tree to participate in a styled photo shoot that had a boho theme, we couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity! Bold colours, oversized bouquets and the opportunity to create something that is outside of what we normally do, well it really was a no-brainer! The added bonus of collaborating with some talented wedding professionals was the icing on the cake. Check out these images!

The team included:

Photography: Roy Byrne Photography
Styling: Lovebird Weddings
Florals: Poppy Lane Flowers by Design
Catering: Capelli Foods
Celebrant: Suzanne Riley
Makeup: Sally Townsend Makeup Artistry
Hair: Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair
Fashion styling: Lizz Pennings
Dresses: Judy Copley Bridal
Grooms’ Attire: Number 19 Boutique
Accessories: Gypsy Stone
Celebrant’s Attire: Gypsy Stone
Kombi: Old Skool Kombis Noosa
Cushions and throws: Sapien Arts
Models: Ashlee Jensen, Luke Ross, Kirra Calleja, Callum , Moriah
Overell, Dane Bayliss. And Mackenzie, the Chow Chow dog

LITTLE COVE, NOOSA, such a gorgeous location!


9th February 2015

image001_090215 (1)
image002_090215 (1)

Each year Tesselaars runs a competition for florists in three categories. As a national competition they receive hundreds of submissions. Needless to say we entered. We entered our floral necklace that was photographed by Lee from Life and Love Photography. It featured mixed blooms with gemstones and Swarovski crystals. And we made the top 10 nationally! I was so excited to hear that! The finalists are selected by other florists, so its wonderful to received recognition from those in the industry. Whilst we didn’t win, I am so chuffed to have been a part of a select number of highly beautiful entries. It gives us inspiration to keep doing what we do, beautiful flowers for our clients!

24th September When Should I book My Florist? And Elopements?

Updates on our website have been sadly neglected as we are flat out! Not that that’s an excuse but there are only so many hours in a day. Its smack bang in the middle of ‘Wedding Season’ at the moment so it really is a rare opportunity to sit and just write something without thinking about flowers for a moment.

So when should I book in my Florist?
A question that we are asked is how soon should we book in our flowers. I tell my brides to book in as soon as possible. It’s one thing that you can cross off your list. If your wedding is a part of the peak wedding season, of course these dates do fill up first. We have bookings 12 – 18 months in advance. The next question that I get asked is what if I’m not sure what I want. We are very flexible here at Poppy Lane and if you are planning your wedding around say navy blue, and then you change your mind and opt for fluoro orange, we can adjust the colours and perhaps even the type of flowers if necessary. So that gives you some piece of mind and we want you to love your flowers!

Elopement? That’s a Great Idea!
Sometimes planning a wedding can be stressful or if you’re like me and really don’t like to be the centre of attention, something that is another option is elopement! There is a hidden gem of a reception venue in Maleny with outstanding food, I have been there several times and I’m very happy to recommend them, is Pomodoras on Obi. It makes the process of elopement so simple and it can be just the two of you or a handful of guests. For more information follow this link:”
All of the vendors work to bring your wedding together with little stress and without breaking the bank.

Hopefully it won’t take me so long to get back here.
Til next time and happy wedding planning!
Stacey ☺


We have been so busy here lately, our updates have been sadly neglected.
Recently we participated in a photo shoot with a cast of talented people, as follows:

Hair and Makeup: Shayna from My Little Beauty at Beach Chic
Props and Styling: Julie from Cloud Nine Weddings
Photographer: Lee from Life and Love Photography
Gowns: Erin from Erin Clare Couture
Flowers: US! Poppy Lane Flowers By Design<
Location: Jodi at Pomodoras on Obi
Models: Sam and Mahalia

It was a fantastic afternoon, with a talented group of people and rather than me writing a lot, I’m going to give you oodles of eye candy!

Till next time!


17th April 2014 – Choosing Your Bouquet

Choosing the right bouquet can be tricky. Ultimately the decision is yours, but it’s a good idea to consider your dress, your body shape, and the style of your wedding. I believe flowers are your greatest accessory on your wedding day, so not only do you want them to be perfect, you want them to complement rather than take over…..

Round Bouquets: Round bouquets or posies are a traditional and popular choice. These can be small, medium or large and can feature a single or multiple types of blooms. Additions of crystals and feathers can personalise your bouquet.

Hand Tied Bouquets: Hand tied bouquets are slightly more relaxed than your traditional posies. Depending on the flowers you choose will determine whether your bouquet is formal or informal. Finishing off your bouquet with brooches can bring in your something old, borrowed or blue if you’re wanting to include those features.

Biedermeier Bouquets: This is not a type of bouquet that is familiar. It is a traditional European bouquet where different flowers are placed in tiers. As an example you might see roses in the centre, surrounded by sims carnations, then a circlet of baby’s breath finished with a surround of foliage. These bouquets are considered to be quite formal.

Cascade Bouquets: A cascade bouquet provides a waterfall effect. These are more expensive than your round bouquets but are a little less unstructured than your teardrop bouquet.

Teardrop Bouquets: Your teardrop bouquet also has that waterfall effect but is in the shape of a teardrop. There is a considerable amount of wiring involved in creating a bouquet such as this, hence the more expensive price.

Of course you can branch out to asymmetrical bouquets, crescent and even heart shaped bouquets. There are so many options it can be overwhelming. I always recommend that brides look at magazines, find images that they like, Pinterest is a great place to look and talk with your florist. A good florist will guide you through the pitfalls of choosing flowers, seasonality and what will work for your colour palette.

Till next time and happy wedding planning!
Stacey ☺

14th December 2013 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

What an exciting year it’s been!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our brides and grooms from 2013 and our brides and grooms to be a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2014. To our suppliers thank you for your outstanding service and assisting us bring the very best product to our clients.

We are taking a short amount of down time over the next couple of weeks before we launch into 2014. We will be at the Maleny Montville Wedding Professionals showcase on the 11th and 12th January and then at the Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase on the 19th January in Noosa. We look forward to seeing lots of new faces in 2014.

We will be around over this time and I will respond to your enquiries, though maybe not as quickly as usual.

Till next time and happy wedding planning!
Stacey ☺

image002 (1)

Sunday 24th November 2013 – It’s Peony Time!

I love peonies! They have a beautiful subtle fragrance that just seems to swirl around you. Available in a number of colours they are a perfect wedding flower. BUT…..they are only available for such a short time each year. If you really want peonies the safest time to plan your wedding is definitely November or early December. Sometimes florists can access them late in October and if we are really lucky into December. They are also available as an import around April, but being an import they tend to be significantly more expensive. Peonies aren’t a cheap flower, but you certainly get some amazing bang for your buck! If I had to choose a favourite I think it would have to be the coral charm peony. They are huge!


Something that is a real trend at the moment is floral hair wreaths. As a florist, I love to make them. Whether it’s a whole circlet, or attached to a headband the impact can be stunning. Flower prep for these is vital. When I make these, as I’m sure many florists do, I make them just before I’m ready to deliver them. Why??? Once they are constructed there is no water source except a spritz of water occasionally. Freshness is imperative for a long lasting wreath. We recently had the privilege of making a hair circlet for a wonderful customer featuring the beautiful peony. I’m sure you will agree she looked absolutely beautiful.


To other news:

Our show schedule for the first six months is looking very busy. We are planning for our 2 shows in January. We are looking forward to meeting many brides and grooms to be! More details to come soon!

Till next time and happy wedding planning!
Stacey ☺

Monday 16th September 2013 – Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost That Much?

This is an interesting question and one that many professional florists are asked, after all I can pick up a bunch of flowers from the local supermarket for not that much……..

A florist is a professional, and there is a process that all professional florists go through to ensure your flowers are perfect. What they don’t do is nip into the nearest flower wholesaler, pick up a bunch of flowers and just wrap them with a pretty ribbon.

Before your flowers are delivered to you, ready to be carried down the aisle, they have gone through quite a journey. A flower is a living thing, and they are as nature intended. This means that they are prone to bruising and if not cared for properly they will deteriorate quickly.

As a florist sometimes I buy direct from the supplier and sometimes I buy through a wholesaler. The majority of the flowers that we use are sourced either locally or from flower farms in Australia, and there are many great ones. The supplier must package all flowers carefully to be transported. Then they are either packed into my car or sent via courier in someone else’s car. Either way, there is a period of time where the flowers are without water. When they arrive, they are prepped and conditioned. This is a fairly labour intensive process with thorns being removed, excess foliage removed and stems prepared as required. Woody stems must be stripped and prepared differently to a rose, and some flowers have very specific processes that they require.

So what is conditioning? It’s a process that flowers go through to hydrate them, and protect them from bacteria, among other things. I mix my own conditioning solution. Part of the conditioning process involves coaxing flowers open to the perfect size for the design they are being used in. This means that the solution they are in needs to be changed often, and yes I have got up through the night on more than one occasion to change the solution to assist the process…….

Once they are prepped they are stored in cool rooms until they are ready to be arranged. Many flowers require wiring. Individual florets require wiring. Some bouquets are more labour intensive, so you should expect a fully wired teardrop bouquet to be more expensive than a natural stem posy. Once they’ve been arranged, they are carefully packaged ready to be delivered to you.

As a part of our service we don’t charge a delivery fee. We deliver flowers to you and to where your groom is getting ready as a complimentary service. Your reception venue and ceremony venue is set up, and this can sometimes be labour intensive also.

The journey of a humble but beautiful individual bloom and its place in your bridal bouquet is carefully and lovingly nurtured. So sometimes your wedding flowers can cost a little more than you expect. BUT….it is the most visual accessory on your day, and it is photographed almost as much as you are, so you want them to look great! A professional florist has the skills and knowledge to do this for you to assist in creating a beautiful accessory on your day.

The other factor that contributes to your wedding flowers is the size of your bouquet. For those on a tight budget there are always options to create a beautiful bouquet without a great cost. We are able to create bouquets for all budgets. As a part of our service we offer no obligation consultations, and this is open to as many consults as required.

Till next time and happy wedding planning!
Stacey ☺

Thursday 15th August 2013

What perfect weather we are having at the moment! Not too hot, not too cold. Spring is on its way. It’s almost time for some of my favourite flowers to make an appearance. I love ranunculus. Such an array of colours. They remind me of my grandmother’s garden. I have hundreds of them in our garden, and the first one is about to burst open. Ranunculus come in just about every colour of the rainbow and are a perfect addition to your bridal bouquets. I love the complexity of the flowers with their numerous petals.


When I told everyone at breakfast the other morning that we had some about to burst open, I was the recipient of a whole lot of blank stares…… ‘No-one cares Mum’ …… with that I think it’s safe to assume some members of my household don’t share the same enthusiasm for flowers! In case you haven’t guessed, I love flowers, which is definitely a good thing being a florist and all.

So what’s coming next? Our 15% off promotion finishes today, and we are working on our next promotion. So keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming and in the meantime Happy Wedding Planning!

Till next time,
Stacey ☺

Monday 20th July, 2013

Wow! Where has the last month gone! It has been a whirlwind here at Poppy Lane. Progress on the studio is going ahead in leaps and bounds. The archway entrance is under construction and the climbing roses are ready to go in. The walkway and surrounding gardens are waiting patiently to be head of the very long list of jobs to be done.

We are excitedly waiting for some fantastic new urns and pedestals to arrive that will complement our archways beautifully. We also have some new vases and glassware to adorn your tables heading our way also.

Here’s a peak at our beautiful sign to help you when you are coming to see us. It has been carved beautifully by Steve. He will be applying his great woodworking skills to other items that you can also incorporate into your wedding day once our studio is fully completed.


Our promotion of 15% off will be ending soon, just as soon as our studio is completed. So if you are planning to come see us, but haven’t made a time to do so, give us a call or drop us an email!

To other news!

We are very excited to have locked in a number of shows for next year. We are looking forward to meeting lots of brides and grooms to be.

Until next time!

Happy Wedding Planning
Stacey ☺

Monday 10th June 2013

Lots of lovely rain falling here meaning that all those bulbs are growing nicely.


Beautiful soft pink hybrid tea rose

A lot of people ask about getting quotes over the net. Whilst we are able to give a guide to pricing, final quotes really require a consultation. Why? The flowers that are used in the final design will impact on the price. Those beautiful David Austin roses – the old fashioned ones, are far more expensive than a regular hybrid tea rose. So a bouquet predominantly featuring David Austin roses is going to be more expensive than a bouquet predominantly featuring regular roses.

Also, if you really are wanting a flower that isn’t in season then we need to try and obtain them from overseas. This is always more expensive, sometimes tricky, but not impossible. In this situation we always have an in season flower as a backup. Imports have travelled a long way and sometimes they just don’t meet the very high standards we have for our flowers. Your bouquet is photographed almost as much as you are, and we definitely don’t want inferior quality flowers featured.


Beautiful David Austen rose

Bouquets: start from $120 (increasing/decreasing the size, and the flowers used impact on the final price)

Bride’s Bouquets: these are often more expensive than a bridesmaid’s bouquet as they are traditionally larger.

Flower girls: if using bouquets we make the bouquet to suit the size of the child. The smaller the child, the smaller the bouquet. Bouquets start from $40.

Buttonholes: start from $12.50

Corsages: start from $20, wrist corsages are slightly more expensive than lapel corsage.

Other options include arrangements for your ceremony, reception venue, hair, cakes, archways, pomander balls…….the possibilities are endless.

We also include a complimentary throw bouquet for you!

Our 15% off promotion will be closing soon as our new studio is coming along nicely. It’s been delayed again by the rain, but that’s ok! Spread the word, if you know someone who’s getting married tell them about this great offer, it can be a significant saving! A cuppa and a chat to hear your ideas and see what we can come up with together is a great way to invest an hour or so when planning your wedding.

Til next time, happy wedding planning ☺

Sunday 19th May 2013

Progress on our studio has been held up slightly with an injury to our in-house builder, which isn’t so great for us, but is brilliant for all our new brides as you’ll receive 15% of your wedding flower total automatically credited to your account when you book Poppy Lane until the studio is finished!!!

We know just how expensive and even overwhelming planning a wedding can be, so being able to assist couples save a few pennies and be a part in creating something beautiful too gives us a thrill! We recently planned and paid for our own wedding, so having been there first hand, we really do get it. If you’re wanting to take advantage of this fantastic offer but haven’t finalised your colour palette yet, you still can! Simply contact us to make a time, come have a cuppa and we can have a chat about your options re flower availability. You are able to simply pay a deposit and we can finalise your flowers once you have selected your colours at a later date. As a family-run business we don’t book more than two weddings in a week to ensure that your flowers are perfect and the time and attention required to make them perfect is available, so get in quick!

To other news:

The weather is cooling down significantly now and it’s fantastic to get out and about. We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world and have lots of great places close to home. One of those places is the Maleny Botanic Gardens. They do have the facilities for weddings, but even just for a day out its worth a visit.

Those 800 odd bulbs that I planted recently are starting to break through. I would share a photo but my enthusiasm for tiny green specks in the ground isn’t shared by everyone, so I’ll wait till the flowers are here. I’m still waiting for the tulips to surface, I really can’t wait, frilled tulips are so beautiful! The one thing I don’t love is the weeds/grass that seems to love overtaking my garden so it’s time for me to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t forget to share our 15% off promo too!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, till next time!


Saturday 4th May 2013

We are very excited about the construction of our new studio! To celebrate we are giving all new wedding bookings a 15% credit of their total flower order!!!! This credit will be applied automatically after your deposit has been paid. We know that weddings are expensive so every little bit helps!!!

To other news:

Over the last week or so we have planted close to 800 bulbs. Our studio come Spring will be divine. Apart from the fact that I love flowers and having them around brightens my day, I also appreciate the ability to show brides what a certain type of flower is (that’s how I justify spending the money to my husband anyway☺).

Lavender is starting to flower now. The fragrance in the foliage is gorgeous. We are so lucky to have it growing in our front garden. Winter bulbs are well on their way. Tulips, daffodils, irises……yum, yum, yum! Erlicheer daffodils are a beautiful cream with a subtle fragrance, paper whites are a stark white and the 10 that are in my kitchen at the moment are enough to send a beautiful fragrance throughout my house… divine.

Don’t forget to share our 15% promotion with anyone planning a wedding! Til next time……